Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my boys

These are the appliquéd tie shirts I made the boys for my sisters wedding.  I let them choose the fabric.  I'd almost forgotten how long the wee guy's hair was before Christmas!  It has had two cuts since then.  The shaggy cut and now the super short cut.  B and I loved it long but he wouldn't tie it back and the constant pushing it out of his face was going to be a big problem for school.  He starts school on Thursday!  Aaaarrrrrgh!  Yes I'm freaking out a bit.


  1. Grandpa5:07 PM

    Words can't express the joy my grandchildren give to me - thanks to their lovely parents
    L &C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. Very gorgeous boys Meg!! Hope #2 is enjoying school? My #2 has just started too!!

  3. I hope all went well for the start of school - the house feels oddly quiet doesn't it. Loving the shirts, well done you. Look at those sweet wee boys holding hands! x


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