Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I don't know what to say but I feel strangely compelled to write something.  My home town Christchurch has been decimated by a massive earthquake yesterday.  All of our immediate family are okay (they all live there) which is wonderful for us, but I know that so many people down there have lost people they love.  The CTV building below, was the regional television station, a place both B and I have worked.  It's gone and burning and they're still working to see if they can get anyone else out alive.  It makes me feel sick.  I'm trying to convince all of our rellies to jump on the next plane to our place! There are no after shocks in Auckland.

photo from Sydney Morning Herald
If you want to help there are various ways to donate money...

To make a donation: 
- Phone 0900 33 200 to make an automatic $20 donation
- FreeTXT 'QUAKE' to 555 to donate $5 or FreeTXT 'QUAKE' to 333 to donate $3 from any Vodafone mobile
- Donate online at
- Donate in person at any branch of NZ Post, Kiwibank, ANZ, National Bank, ASB, TSB and BNZ across New Zealand.
- Mail a cheque (made payable to New Zealand Red Cross) to: Canterbury Earthquake Appeal, Freepost 232690, PO Box 12-140, Thorndon, Wellington 6144.


  1. Meg Air NZ are offering $50 plane tickets out of Chch. Let us know if you need any help paying for them ok??
    if it will help get your family to where it is safe. hugs to you, praying for them all.

  2. It's just unbelievable, and must be even more shocking for you, having lived and worked there. So glad to hear your family are OK. xxxooo

  3. Glad they are all ok. I sent B a text yesterday but didn't get a reply!

  4. nanarobyn11:11 PM

    Thanks for the support everyone.It all looks and feels like "ground zero", just horrendous.This is way worse than the September quake and loss of life makes it so much more so. We all know of someone who hasn't survived. We are all coping and sharing what we have. We have power and water which most don't, but are unable to use toilets or showers. We have a house full tonight so hope we all get a better sleep tonight. The aftershocks are just awful. The offer to come up is very tempting but I think we will stay. May be able to talk Sam into bringing the wee ones up.
    Lots of love. XOXOXOXO

  5. Glad to hear your family are ok. Horrible news and horrible so many lives are lost :(


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