Thursday, February 17, 2011


So for the past few weeks we've been trying out making sourdough bread, pancakes and crepes.  You begin by making a starter with flour and water and leave it on the bench to grow, feeding it each day (sometimes more than once) for at least a week.  The starter is what you use as a raising agent in your baking.  It's all kind of new to me really.  I was inspired by Hanna at CraftyKin to give it a try as she makes awesome looking bread.

At the moment I don't have a loaf tin so we're just making round loaves.  They don't seem to be rising up as much as I'd like and they look a bit ugly before you slice them up (so no photo of the whole loaf yet).  The crust however is fantastic, chewy and delicious.  I had to pop in a photo of our cool bread slicer that B picked up at a market once for $2, such a bargain.

When you're making sourdough bread you do end up having to discard some of your starter so that's why we've been making pancakes and crepes.  I'll post the pancake recipe tomorrow.  I've been posting a lot of recipes and food stuff recently which is a bit of a change from stories about the kids.  When I started my blog it was all about the boys and I did it for the grandparents, these days it's more for me.  I figured out the other day that I could make a recipe page which is going to make finding my favourites a lot easier (as our computer is in the kitchen).  Here's the link for lots of information about sourdough, be warned that it does take a while to get established.


  1. that bread slicer is amazing, i've never seen anything like it !! we just had homemade bread for breaky, not sourdough though, maybe I should tackle that one ....

  2. Grandpa1:02 PM

    Your food always looks so yummy and healthy and I know it is
    Grandpa xxooxx


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