Sunday, February 27, 2011

sunday - hot crayon rocks

Finally today we did the hot crayon rocks that the boys have been waiting ages for.  We collected them a few weeks back when we went fishing and they've been sitting in a bowl on the table ever since.

It's easy and very effective.
1. Heat the rocks in the oven (around 200 degrees).
2. Handle them carefully with oven gloves, place them on to cardboard or thick newspaper.
3. Draw on them with crayons.  Fun!

WARNING make sure your rocks are super dry before doing this... wet rocks might explode in the oven!!


  1. cool idea, will have to try that one day!

  2. wow cool! never seen these before. might have to try it this week with the kids all off school :)

  3. These are wonderful!!
    Can't wait to try them out!

  4. ok have to tell you, we tried this out. spent the morning collecting rocks from the river only to come home, wash them, and put them into the oven, hubby arrives home from work to see what we were doing and totally FREAKs out because apparently rocks can explode this way!! (esp if they have been near water). I understand his paranoia had alot to do with stress from goings on down here BUt I googled it and sure enough they explode sometimes. Just thought I'd share incase someone is as clueless as me and tries this with potentially "wet" rocks

  5. Oh thanks for that tip! Will edit my post with a warning.


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