Friday, February 25, 2011

friday - true colours

B & I were both born and raised in Christchurch.  Although the boys are native Aucklanders they have been down often enough to forge a strong bond with Canterbury.  Off to school today in their red and black.  Big brother (who is looking more like the littler brother these days!) wanted to know when he can have some red shoes.  I know you blog followers/rellies down south will appreciate regular blog updates... so I'm going to make an effort.  Especially for you Nana, Grandpa, Nana and Poppa, and yes all you Aunties, Uncles and cousins too.  We love you all so much and miss you tremendously right now.


  1. They are so cute - and great to be getting involved!

  2. gorgeous wee boys, looking so cute in their colours to support canterbury.

  3. nanarobyn2:31 PM

    Look at my gorgeous boys. Just had my first real cry. We feel so far away from you all yet in other ways so close. The support is amazing. I'm quite excited at the moment doing my first load of washing with the outlet hose rigged to the vaccuum cleaner hose out on to the lawn as we're not supposed to use normal outlets unless it's urgent.
    Love you XOXOXOXO

  4. Uncle Wayne10:59 PM

    The boys are looking great in the Canterbury colours. The blog always brings a smile to my face, instant joy. Thanks!!


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