Monday, March 28, 2011

m is for marshmallows

This morning I spotted what appeared to be a random assortment of stuff beside the front door... a couple of toys, a money box, some school art, a magnet. Turns out that it wasn't random at all, all things beginning with the letter M.  Our 5yr old had gone around the house yesterday collecting things up to take to school today.  He even tipped out his money box to show me the money he was taking for the M table. I persuaded him to leave it at home but perhaps take some play money instead.

Keeping with the M theme, after school we toasted marshmallows over the gas hob and made some muffins.  The muffins were a revelation because I used my new oven thermometer.  Oh my goodness what a difference it will make to my life!!!  I've often thought that our oven was too hot but really just had to guess by how much.  Turns out that instead of cooking things at 180 degrees, it's actually been at 240!  Crazy.  No wonder the boys are happy eating burnt stuff.

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  1. nanarobyn10:09 AM

    It's frustrating how all ovens cook at different temps. Something else the boys would love doing with marshmellows. Take an ordinary biscuit like a wine biscuit(I know there is a similar one R can have), place a large mm on top or several of the small cooking ones,put in microwave for 10-15 secs, watch it puff up, take it out, cool it and eat it or squash another biscuit on top to make a filling. Our boys loved these in their lunchbox. Thanks for my book of my beautiful babies, it made me cry(I know the boys will say there's no surprise in that!!).
    Love you XOXOXOXO


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