Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm love autumn, I think it's my favourite season.  I am quite partial to spring too, especially when the kids were little and we spent far too much time cooped up indoors during winter.  Summer has never been my cup of tea, I like to be able wear my jeans and boots and not have to worry constantly about the gaping hole in the ozone.  We have a lot of skin cancer in our family and so covering up is not optional.  This seasonal table has developed almost by accident over the past couple of weeks.  The boys kept bringing home acorns and needed a spot for them.  Then the pile of cicada skins arrived so they got their own wee plate.  When we were at the library I spotted a beautiful book of prints called "Seasons" and funnily enough there was an autumn page.


  1. what a lovely table, I'd like to start doing that in our home too. I bought that book for a friends 3 year old, it's such a beautiful book :)

  2. I love Autumn too -such amazing colours. Love your nature table. I definitely want to do something like this when my baby boy is older :-)

  3. Love it Meg!!!
    Feel like I haven't seen ya for yonks.
    hook up soon?


so lovely to hear from you xx