Wednesday, April 6, 2011

creative play

Little one found the magician costume on the weekend, a stick for a wand and a wee glass dropper bottle for his potions. Then we built a house with the old umbrella and play cloths, complete with a rainbow door that you had to pass under to get there.  He played happily for ages by himself, so sweet.  I adore imaginary play, it's something that we lose as we grow up and it's so beautiful (even those repetitive games of puppy store).

Great (55min) talk about important creative play is - link here. Not sure how long this will be up.


  1. LOVE creative play too!! Especially when it holds their attention.

  2. nanarobyn6:35 PM

    It's so lovely watching imaginary games being played, it's a shame they ever outgrow it. Just love those dimples.Love you XOXOXOXO


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