Saturday, April 16, 2011

what the?

 "Mummy take a photo of me lying down here." 
Okay sure honey.

"Mummy I want to do some poses like an adult" 

"Can you put these photos on the blog and write that I can do grown up poses now?"

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.  All of these poses were completely his idea, no input from me required/allowed. I have absolutely no idea where this has come from but I won't be encouraging it, and no he's never watched Top Model or Zoolander.  I just found another one... teehee.


  1. Seriously cute and seriously funny xx

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    He can be my top model any day. Nana D

    Sure he hasn't seen mini me? Poppa

  3. bahahahahahahaha! that is soooooo funny. Cup that chin boy!!
    The swimsuit shot had me actually laughing out loud.
    awesome, what a cutie!

  4. Oh thats is seriously funny!!!

  5. Aunty Anna2:32 PM

    These photos have made my day :) laughed so loud, Wayne had to come see what I was looking at. I see future swimsuit billboards in NY!!!

  6. Oh. My. Word. They are CLASSIC!!
    That swimmingpool one is a CRACKER!!!
    Good ones to pull out at his 21st :)

  7. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, too cute for words, wonder where he came up with the chin cupping notion. Is is somthing you guys do? Hehe, wee fella xxx

  8. nanarobyn7:19 AM

    He'll always be my pin-up boy. Love you XOXXOXO


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