Tuesday, May 3, 2011

more eco cred

Hey Mum I'm going to pick up that rubbish there...
Oh look I found a bag.  I can use it to pick up more rubbish. 

 There's some cans stuck in this tree here.

 Pop in the the bin and we're all done.

Feels good huh?  Maybe you'd like to try it sometime?

We have been making an effort to pick up other people's rubbish.  To tidy up our neighbourhood and make it a prettier place to be.  It's a little way we can give back to the community, kind of community service I guess (intentional kindness and all of that).  Anyway this wee guy took it upon himself to do a bit of a solo clean up at the park.  Great job honey.  I remember big brother, aged four, suggesting a neighbourhood clean up too (blogged here).


  1. Good stuff.

    All year 1 kids at school just pick up masses amounts of rubbish and shows it to the duty teacher for house points all the time.

  2. So cool.
    Very inspiring.
    Miss ya IRL!
    Feel like I haven't seen you for yonks.
    Wanna hang out soon?


so lovely to hear from you xx