Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the new morning list

Following on from last years morning lists, I made a new one this morning.  I printed the words twice so each of them can have a side to tick off (I'll laminate it and they'll use a white board pen). There were a few changes needed to the one the boys have been using because they're both at school now and sun hats aren't essential in this weather!  I love autumn and have been enjoying the cooler but still sunny days.  Today though it's super wet in Auckland.  Don't think we'll be doing much outdoor after school!


  1. Hey Meg, we need to do a kefir swop.... coudl you drop me a line and we'll organise it? Thanks xx

  2. Loved playing Wii with you today - it ROCKS!!
    One day after school we should all come over and have a big tournament!

  3. Me too! Thought it'd be more fun than just sitting around with our tea ;o)


so lovely to hear from you xx