Monday, May 30, 2011

made me cry...

Okay so generally I only post my photos here, not often videos and especially not other people's. I saw this on YouTube this morning and it really affected me. I don't think many people understand how hard it is living with a severe food allergy. It's constant and has changed us. Please watch it just so that maybe you can understand a little better how I feel every day.
Leave me a comment too, pretty please, it might cheer me up. x


  1. Wow, Meg. Thank you so much for sharing that. I (and, I imagine, so many of us) actually have *NO* idea what it must be like for you and you precious little man daily. Thank you for heightening our awareness. Bring on that cure!

  2. Grandpa12:27 PM

    You do such a great job bringing up your boys and taking care of #2's allergy needs. I wish I new the answer to this problem that impacts on so many people every day. As you know we will do whatever we can to help.
    Much Love Grandpa xxooxx

  3. Aww you guys are nice.

  4. Big hugs to you, my friend. Blossom's intolerance is so small and yet I admit, I struggle. I can't imagine how you must feel every day.
    Your journey is massive and your boys are truly blessed to call you Mommy.

  5. Just realised I put #2's name there, so I deleted that post.

    Anyways. Long story short.

    You are Wonder Woman to him.

  6. Aha never mind I'm not too worried anyway. Sometimes I do it too, it is his name after all ;o)

  7. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Gulp. It really really SUCKS!!!!!!!!! So unfair! rant rant rant! You are such a caring, wonderful mother. I will keep Reuben in my prayers. Such a precious boy.
    Linda B

  8. Meg, you may never post videos, I rarely watch them when people post them, but I watched this one because it meant so much to you, and it enarly made me cry too.
    I have NO IDEA what it must be like for you as a parent to have that worry every day as you wave him off to school.
    You do an INCREDIBLE job as a mother.
    Love you heaps.

  9. Meg, that really tugged at my heart strings. It is a hard road we travel with our allergy kids eh? Barb x

  10. first time here, but wanted to leave a comment. My oldest only has a peanut allergy, but it is severe and definitely has changed our lives. Halloween is so annoying to me, as I'm sure it is to you. I hate it when he can't just eat what the other kids eat. Anyhow, we just have the one allergy (so far) but I can relate. Couldn't watch that whole video though, totally bummed me out and made me anxious. uggh.

  11. p.s. your boys are adorable!


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