Monday, July 18, 2011

I've been reading some photo blogs recently which are mostly photos with a caption here and there... perhaps it's the way of the future?  I like it a lot. is particularly divine and I've totally copied by using dates and times on my pictures today.  I'm thinking of maybe getting all my (years of)  blogging printed into some books and then taking down the old posts.  It seems a bit weird leaving thousands of photos online and stories about my boys lives for anyone and everyone to see... what do you think?


  1. It's something I struggle with having my kids photos on line and creating a cyber footprint with out their knowledge/permission, however, whilst also recognizing this is the way the world is going.
    I totally LOVE the idea of blogs being turned into books because how many people actually print their photos out these days?

  2. I totally get this Meg, in fact I have got to the stage with my almost seven year old of being very selective of blogging/photographing him, he suddenly seems to be at an age where he is 'aware' of my blog and asks me not to put things on there.
    I tired private blogging but I missed the feedback. I have this vague concept that I will delete most of the content once they hit a certain age, but LOVE your book idea.
    Lovely photos of your boys, they always look as if they really enjoy each other's company, hope the holidays go smoothly for you :).

  3. nanarobyn8:38 AM

    Yay a book of photos, my favourite thing and subjects!! I like the captions on the photo and it may save you time. Anything so you'll carry on. I guess at high school it may not be so cool to have a lot of these details so public, but until then.......
    Love you XOXOXOXO

  4. Grandpa8:09 AM

    I hope you are continuing to get more nice sunny days for outdoor holiday activities. The boys seem very focused,
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx


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