Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A wee blog post from our 7yr old about our robot making at the weekend.  We have a new set of makedo, a totally great toy and one I'll be recommending to everyone!  It's basically a set of plastic clips, hinges and a saw, that you can use to creatively build anything you like.  Sorry that there's no photo of the finished product, it's still on the camera.

 It was fun making the robot robot robot!...?

It was very very tricky!

 We had to rip some bits and use the saw.

We poked holes with the end of the saw and  joined bits of box to our robot.

We used hinges for the robot arms.


  1. AWESOME - love hints tips and ideas which create children thinking, using their imagination and being creative.
    We've gone tv free this holidays - it's doing my head in BUT I believe I'm a more interactive parent for it.

  2. Your photos really capture the collaborative construction process. It will be great to see what the outcome looks like :)

  3. Grandpa5:30 PM

    makedo - What a great idea - very creative.
    Will we see some inspired new buildings for christchurch ?

    L & C grandpa xxooxx


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