Sunday, July 17, 2011

wordless sunday - motion

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So I totally cheated and posted old pictures today sorry.  I didn't realise about the "theme" for Wordless Sunday until it was already dark out.  So here are two old photos.  One from years back (taken with the awesome photographer Lisa) which I still love.  And a recent one from the bike park.  We're all over our cold/flus thank goodness and managed to avoid the tummy bug that seems to be doing the rounds.  I'm pretty glad that the school holidays are finally here.  I won't promise anything but I'm thinking a bit more photography and blogging may be in order.  We have a few plans for outings and the boys want to do some stuff with their new stash of stationery from Smiggle.  

Oh and tips for getting the motion blur shots like these, one's with a relatively sharp subject and a blurred moving background....  read this, they explain it really well.

Haha I just realised this is not at all wordless.  Oops!  Maybe next time.


  1. That top one is a really old one right?

  2. Yeah from years ago, but needed something showing "motion" and didn't shoot anything today.

  3. I love that first shot! I have been wanting to have a go with this kind of thing, so thanks for the tips... So good to hear that the colds are a thing of the past! :)

  4. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Finally found the link. Love the action shots and all the party photos etc. A brilliant job all round (we loved B's laugh when the balloon/boxes were headed).

    Nana and Poppa

  5. Love those! I'm so keen to try the first as well!!! Yay for colds being over - ours are freshing up again - Noooooo!


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