Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas lunch in the backyard

B gave me this cute cutlery set for Christmas and it's now the official summertime set.
 There was just the four of us for Christmas lunch but we still made a special effort.

 Ham, salad, potatoes and wine/grapetise.

 The table was looking cute with it's shabby green paint.

Pudding was dairy free trifle, made with coconut whipped cream, soy custard and left over birthday cake in place of sponge.  As a big time custard and cream lover, I was impressed how good it was.  The kids and I finished it off in the evening after dinner.  Shame there was none left for boxing day breakfast.


  1. Oh yum - that looks like a delicious lunch and so beautifully set outside!

  2. love that cutlery! looks like a lovely christmas lunch :)

  3. Meg I have loved reading all your Christmas posts, very inspiring and you did so many fun and creative things, unfortunately I ran out of steam in the week before Christmas and did not get half the things done I intended to, but your blog has inspired me, for next year!!

    Love your cutlery, very cute, and your outdoor table, we have a garage full of old furniture and wood we salvaged from the inorganic we had in our neighborhood just before Christmas and are in the slow process of sanding/painting/making, one of the things on our list is an outdoor table ( I say we, I mean my husband!) your table is awesome.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Gorgeous photos and that trifle looks fab! I must try the coconut whipped cream soon, maybe tomorrow! And I love soy custard, I almost preferr it to the regular stuff. Happy new year!

  5. the cutlery is gorgeous - the outdoor setting is gorgeous and I love that your lil man wears a sun hat - ::))

  6. What a gorgeous table setting! perfect.
    I love the table and the spotty cutlery (so very YOU) and especially that dairy-free trifle!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow - and hoping for the rain to let up!
    (Might have to ask you guys to bring your playstation/singstar/buzz/wii remotes in case it doesn't... we can have mad karaoke and knockout doubles tennis???)

  7. Sarah9:24 PM

    I'm so glad your photos didnt them! :-)


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