Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas traditions - gift wrapping

Something else new this year... reusable fabric Christmas wrapping.  I hate making more rubbish than is necessary.  We managed years of washable nappies, use cloth napkins and stopped using paper towels last year, so why not fabric gift wrap?  I sewed up a few bags (some with ribbons attached) from bits of fabric and they turned out really well.  Maybe I'll get some more Christmas fabric from Spotlight when it's on sale (surely that's soon?) and do a few more for next year.
I found the cute red material for 50 cents at a school fair recently.  Love it!


  1. That's such a great idea! And would work well for birthday's too, I will defenitely give that a go!

  2. this idea is fantastic, and your soo right!! Im storing this wee idea for future use...might have to hit up spotlight myself :)

  3. AWESOME idea I LOVE it !! !! !! The amount of paper that is thrown out is horrendous!
    Do you use fabric for gifts for others also or just your family?

  4. We just used it for our family this year but I don't see why you couldn't whip up a few for friends or rellies who could reuse them themselves. Or you could suggest that they give the wrapping back if they don't want it :o)


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