Saturday, December 17, 2011

I've hardly left the couch or my bed since Tuesday night, it's miserable.  My brain is only slowly coming back so no blogging either.  Gutted to have wasted my last three childless days on sleeping and sweating.   I plan to be on form next week and doing some nice things with the boys.  B made the gingerbread for the house yesterday and the boys photographed it for the blog so at least I can post that.  Better go lie down again now, feeling woozy.

Check out last years house baking here...


  1. Feeling your misery :(
    If you want to get out of the house on monday (or just send your boys) I am having a "Christmas Party" from 10am-12pm for our playgroup-plus-extras; big kids invited.
    Each family bring a gift for the City Mission's Christmas Appeal, and some party food/dress Christmassy.
    Santa will be making an appearance. let me know if you are keen?
    You know most of the faces that will be there, I think

  2. Er, what I mean is that its not just for the pre-schoolers; the big brothers and sisters are coming too.
    Would love you join us if you are up to it, OR am happy to take the boys off your hands. Thats what i meant to say xx

  3. Lots of ♥ to u xxx


so lovely to hear from you xx