Saturday, December 10, 2011

lego party madness

We had the soon to be six year old's birthday party this morning and it was actually surprisingly cruisey.  I tend to get a bit stressed out before parties, decorations to do, food to organise, so much to get done, the house is too dirty etc.  Once the kids were here though it was great.

They happily played with the lego for about half an hour and made cars which were raced down a ramp in the hall. The car which went the furthest won a prize.

  The octopus cannon car also won for creativity.

 Pass the parcel.

 Party poppers.

 Noise makers.

And of course the cake.


  1. Nice Meg Looks like a great party x

  2. Oh wow - looks like a great party... and love the cake!!

  3. Jaime9:29 PM

    your parties are kick ass lady xx

  4. awesome party Meg. Lego party was our easiest one so far.. Boys are so easily engrosed with Lego.

  5. I am coming to live at your house! BTW I love the chocolate? lego dudes......a.w.e.s.o.m.e I will have to look for those.....:D

  6. Grandpa10:52 AM

    What a great looking party - I can feel the excitement and joy.
    Well done L & C grandpa xxooxx

  7. What an amazing party, you clever Mommy. Love your passion for your boys x

  8. Party looks awesome!

  9. Fabulous as always, great to see the old folk enjoying the party!! Great you managed to fix your photos. xoxo

  10. Anonymous2:10 AM

    Looks like you all had tons of fun on Saturday! What a cool party!
    Love and hugs, Aunty Sam xx

  11. Lovely!!!
    That cake looks fab and it looks like the kids had a great time :)


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