Saturday, March 31, 2012

things I'm loving

Things I'm loving this week... 

My Wonder Woman mug which I usually drink my morning coffee from.

 Making wholemeal ravioli pasta at the weekend (everyone was involved).

Finding these cool place mats at the op shop for $3.

This one is my favourite.  Christchurch was home for my first 21 years.

Loving the pie maker (which was Mum and Dad's) which can transform any random leftovers, plus a sheet of filo pastry, into a yummy dinner. So easy to personalise according to individual tastes too.

And although I have used it for a while I found this photo of my spotty umbrella which I was loving this summer.  Think I'll love it next summer too.



  1. Love your list - especially your mug!!!

  2. LOVE your spotty umbrella
    and WOW the cathedral coaster made me cry ;'(

  3. love love love it all...
    especially that Cathedral placemat and that spotty umbrella...


so lovely to hear from you xx