Friday, March 23, 2012

working mama

Dinner tonight was boiled eggs and soldiers, perfect food I think. I know there's no veggies but really tonight I didn't have the energy or inclination.  I'm pretty shattered by this work/life thing.  Haven't baked bread in a while... got to let some things go!

Having less hours in the day at home, it's much harder to stay on top of the picking up and tidying up.  I think I must have spent a large amount of each day doing that when I was at home full time.  Note the artistic shots to disguise the actual clothes and stuff on the floors, teehee ;o).

These two liked their eggs though and don't mind the mess as much as I do.   
I've had a bit of time away from here but have really enjoyed downloading piccys and doing a few posts tonight.  I really like blogging and don't really plan to give it up.  It's a nice way to pass a bit of time.  And yes work is going well, I'm really enjoying it.  I'm editing the midday TV news which works well as it's just a few hours while the boys are at school.  More photos and blog to come soon.


  1. must. catch. up. soon.
    cosset is calling us!

  2. Oh I can sooo relate Meg! I am trying to juggle everything as well, since returning to work full time. I love love love working but it is hard to combine everything.
    Glad you are enjoying your return to work!

  3. Hi there :) I'm new to your blog (you were highly recommended!!) Gotta say I LOVE the very artsy pics to disguise floor clutter etc!! haha (great idea, I think I shall be using that in the future!).
    Looking forward to reading more from you!
    Juanita. (Neetz)


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