Monday, April 30, 2012

sunday pancakes

We don't have a regular pancake thing at the weekend but yesterday only the littlest one and I were up and I suggested making pancakes.  I was thinking of the big fluffy thick ones but he wanted to make shapes. I assisted him in making the mixture and then he made us multi coloured shaped pancakes.  It was super fun.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

good bye summer

The school holidays were so warm they felt kind of summery still.

 This shot is mostly to show you the outfit #2 chose to wear that day (from the dressups).  He wore the singlet as a two year old!  I spent far too long trying to find a photo of him in it but in the end this one of big brother is the best I can do...

I loved that singlet, which I guess is why it ended up in the dress up box.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I'm not sure if covering old shoe boxes with maps is technically a craft, but it did involve glue and was pretty satisfying as far as craftiness goes. Now I have pretty boxes to stash chargers and hair things in.

Making these bunnies with the boys at Easter required felt, pipe cleaners, pins and a hot glue gun.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

cruising with pirates

Glorious day in Auckland today.  Perfect for a wee harbour cruise with some rugby players and a whole heap of pirates.  Yes we all dressed up.  Bargain holiday fun.  $5 a ticket for a one hour ferry cruise and a pirate party for the wee ones.  They had a blast.

We took the train into town and met up with friends at the ferry terminal.  On board the boys got to meet some BIG rugby players and have a disco party with Bluebeard the mascot.   Afterwards I took the boys down to the Wynyard Quarter to eat our picnic lunch and have a play in Silo Park.

Monday, April 16, 2012

not perfect

I like to hide out here on my blog.  I like to pretend that there aren't big daddy long legs hanging about in webs up above the computer (and in most of the rooms) and that the living room carpet isn't in desperate need of a vacuum.  In blogland it's easy to hide the dirt and procrastinate about the housework.

If I'm feeling grumpy or overwhelmed (it happens quite a bit), looking at some pretty photos and writing about it makes me feel a bit better.  Sometimes a whole lot better. 

I prefer to see the happy times rather than the grumpy ones.

 Here on my blog I get to be happy and have fun almost all of the time. 
Our boys are awesome but they still whinge and grizzle and we still struggle to teach them how to behave properly.  We have crying and fighting and wet beds and mess just like everyone else.  It might look like it but we're not perfect... really can anyone be?

I spent a lot of my life feeling not good enough and you know what?  It's a big waste of time.  These days I make a real effort to focus on the positives.  It made me a little sad when someone told me recently that reading my blog makes them feel inadequate.  I totally get it because I've felt the same way looking at some peoples amazing homes or cooking or cool crafts.  There are lots of things I wish I could do better.

I really enjoy being inspired by other people's blogs and I hope that some people can get ideas or inspiration from mine.  If reading this makes you feel inadequate then please don't!!

I can't believe I've put so many photos of myself in here!  Here's another one.

Here's a great link... thanks Stacia

Meg x

Thursday, April 12, 2012

lego minifigure idea

scrabble racks x 10
black paint
old glassless frame
2-part epoxy adhesive
We've actually put this lower down on the wall so that the boys can take them on and off and play with them as they like.  I didn't realise that they had so many!  The boys spent quite a bit of time finding heads for bodies and replacing missing hands!

It was a good way to use the scrabble racks and for once it wasn't inspired by something I saw online!  Almost everything else crafty is.  Curtains from Ikea Children's Textiles.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

board games finished

We now have five cool old games mounted on the walls.  The NZ one we don't know how to play but the rest of them are all ones that we have the bits for and can play.


Monday, April 9, 2012

home made bike baskets

These were supposed to be for the boys for Christmas.

As it's now April I didn't quite get them done in time.

Finally made time for craftiness over Easter and here they are. Tutorial here if you want to make some.  I'd recommend the stiffest interfacing you can find.  Mine was a bit too floppy.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

more craftiness

A while back B made us a backyard chandelier.  It wasn't overly successful as we didn't have a hula hoop and so tried a bit of garden hose which ended up very saggy.

So on Good Friday he tried again. This time with a broken hula hoop (thanks Splore) and a massive box of fairy lights our neighbours gifted us when they moved out last week (thanks neighbours).

The gorgeous result is hanging in our bedroom till spring.  So pretty.