Wednesday, April 18, 2012

cruising with pirates

Glorious day in Auckland today.  Perfect for a wee harbour cruise with some rugby players and a whole heap of pirates.  Yes we all dressed up.  Bargain holiday fun.  $5 a ticket for a one hour ferry cruise and a pirate party for the wee ones.  They had a blast.

We took the train into town and met up with friends at the ferry terminal.  On board the boys got to meet some BIG rugby players and have a disco party with Bluebeard the mascot.   Afterwards I took the boys down to the Wynyard Quarter to eat our picnic lunch and have a play in Silo Park.


  1. Nice pic with #2 and Jerome Kaino!

  2. Awesome... what a great event! and only $5 a ticket??? I am constantly amazed how "up with things" you are meg! How do you find all these cool things??? xx

  3. Maddy3:01 PM

    What scary faces. Love from Maddy xxxxoooo


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