Thursday, April 12, 2012

lego minifigure idea

scrabble racks x 10
black paint
old glassless frame
2-part epoxy adhesive
We've actually put this lower down on the wall so that the boys can take them on and off and play with them as they like.  I didn't realise that they had so many!  The boys spent quite a bit of time finding heads for bodies and replacing missing hands!

It was a good way to use the scrabble racks and for once it wasn't inspired by something I saw online!  Almost everything else crafty is.  Curtains from Ikea Children's Textiles.


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Wow, I love this! Its so cool to see someone doing something unique for boys. I especially like the bunting curtains, where did you get the fabric from?

  2. I'm with your above poster... Love your Lego idea, but it's the fabric I want!! Where did it come from??

  3. THIS. IS. AWESOME!!!!

  4. that is so cool! I love the colourful room!

  5. Curtains from Ikea

  6. Aunty Anna3:15 PM

    what a cool idea Meg. Seeing your blog always makes me want to get crafty too. x

  7. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I love you. I am coming to see you in July. I have put my toys in my case already.I can't wait to see you. Maddy xxxxooooxx

  8. I love this. It works both as a display piece but far more accessible.

    It's a shame you live so far away or I would suggest you bring them by to visit my Lego Room! :)


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