Sunday, May 6, 2012

arty farty

 This is my little bro and I at the kids arts festival. Here we have done paintings with fluoro paint.
 We got to chase after lights with crazy capes on. It was super fun.
 Here is his painting.  It is glowing because of the UV light.

 Here I ham making some junk jewellery.  

We got a book out from the mobile library.  It was a library on a bus.  
It's full of books and it's a library that can move on wheels.

After the arts festival we went to the Improv Bandits show at the Q Theatre.
I won some tickets off the kids show.  There was a story where someone got to be the centaur king's back half.  I got to be his back half.  It was hilarious.  

This is the art  gallery!  We went there after the show for no reason.
                                                   it was very exiting  


  1. Grandpa1:59 PM

    What fun you had - very cool. I remember the mirror room from when we went to the Art gallery with you. L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. That mirror room is very cool - I like your art too!


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