Monday, May 14, 2012

the homework thing

Homework is kind of a new thing for us.  Previously we've had reading books but that's been about it.  Now there's times tables and spelling and research projects and music practice to fit in.  I like the boys to be able to play and muck about after school so to be honest I've been pretty slack on the homework front, surely school is for school work?

Anyway, after talking with some mummy friends recently, I realised that maybe a bit of an after school routine involving homework would be a good thing.  And it really is.  We've been making an effort to spend half an hour on homework type stuff each night.

I'm spending about ten minutes listening to reading with the youngest and the same amount of time assisting with keyboard practice for big brother.

I've got a few other activities for them to work on (times tables, handwriting, activity puzzle cards) when they're short on assigned stuff from school.  Routine is good and it works for us (at least one week in anyway).

How does homework work at your place?  
Any tips and ideas would be gratefully appreciated.


  1. I hear you on the homework, my oldest is in year 3 this year and what a huge jump in the amount there is combined with a newish five year old with reading too it all gets a bit full on. Interesting to read about what other people do and how it works for them, we are working on finding a routine but it is not easy with all the other stuff going on, working, soccer, swimming etc. I swear it gets harder not easier as they get older...

  2. I'm terrible at being routine about homework.
    And I should have it nailed because I have a kid in Year Five, for goodness sakes!
    I'm with you on wanting them to be able to relax etc; it's only an hour and a half from when they get home, til dinner time, so when do they do it?
    I like the IDEA of routine, I just suck at it :(

  3. Bad here too, I like to think of after school time as my home schooling time. They have sport one night, other nights we cook or work in the garden, play games, art projects and stuff. My eldest has started high school now so homework is more serious, which is a bummer :(
    In the past if they have had trouble with something ie my eldest and his handwriting, we practice that at home, but thats about it!


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