Thursday, May 24, 2012

i hate the flu

Seriously, four and a half days in bed, I must be better already!  I have had one child or the other at home sick with me three of those days, which is hardly conducive to mummy's recovery.

I took these photos from my bed on the tablet.  With my eyes closed I don't look as sick as I thought, I must keep them closed.  I've been surviving on panadol, hot lemon/honey/cayenne drinks and boxes of aloe tissues.  I have really only been out of bed to organise food and wrangle small people.

The washing has been piling up and today I got the 7yr old to sweep the kitchen.  I let him take photos on my phone after breakfast and before school the other morning which is why I have this one.  Note the bench piled up with dishes.  Actually the fact that I cared enough to get him to sweep the floor has to be a sign that I'm improving.  Maybe tonight I won't be feverish and sweating or need cough medicine... you never know.  I'm hanging out to be outdoors and enjoy some of this beautiful autumn weather and light before it's too late. I've already warned the boys that a wee photo session may be required once I'm better.  Let it be soon.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry you've been so ill! I hope too that tonight is a much better one. I was also sorry to read recently of your middle-of-the-night visit to the hospital with one of your boys. I can't imagine how stressful that must be :( I hope your coming days and weeks are MUCH more peaceful than the last, and you are able to get plenty of outdoorsy adventures in too :)

  2. Megs, you poor poor thing. No fun being a sick mother. Hope you feel a lot better really soon xx

  3. nanarobyn10:48 PM

    Big cheer germs coming your way with lots of love, kisses and hugs. XOXOXOXO

  4. Hope you are better soon

  5. Oh hugs! You've really been suffering. Nasty ol' germs.


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