Friday, May 11, 2012

loving technology

So we got a tablet, it's an android one. Like an iPad but no doubt a lot cheaper (although to be honest I wouldn't know).  It was an incentive/bribe/gift with purchase when we bought our new fridge/freezer recently and although it's cool I wouldn't miss it if it was gone... until this morning that is. 

This wee feverish love was able to be cheered up by my Mum and Dad in Christchurch via Skype, all while tucked up warm in bed.  Mum/NanaD read him a Paul Jennings story and it was so lovely.  I really miss my family a lot sometimes.  I know they're coming to visit us pretty soon but when you're tired and run down a wee hug or popping in for a cuppa would do wonders.  Skype isn't quite there but it's pretty damn good.


  1. I loved our tablet - technology can be so awesome!

  2. Isn't that awesome??? LOVELY.

  3. Amelia9:06 PM

    Super cool to have nana read a story via what ever means possible.

  4. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Oh how lovely! What a nice way for a feverish wee man to get a little cheer-germ! Big cyber hugs to you all.... if only we could reach out and call in without the distance thing...
    Love Aunty Sam

  5. I love skype clever that we can transport others right to where we are and share life.

  6. Anonymous11:12 AM

    So with you on the 'wouldn't it be nice to have family closer' thing. Living on the opposite side of the world to my parents breaks my heart at times. However I have realised that when we are together (e.g. When I go back to Chch to visit or they visit me in London) it is super quality time that we spend together and I really treasure that. Don't know where I'd be without Skype!

  7. oooo hope he's feeling better xxxx love Skype for absent family.


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