Sunday, May 27, 2012

pretzels for lunch

Roll the dough into long sausages.

Shape the dough.

Simmer for twenty seconds.

Egg wash (optional), sprinkle salt, then bake.

Nom nom nom.

We were lucky enough to have Aunty Katie and Bridgette visit us for lunch today.  #1 and I spent hours this morning making pretzel dough, ice cream and pasta dough.  It was lovely.
The pretzel recipe is on my recipe page or just click here.


  1. Oh My! What my husband wouldn't do to have me make these!! I'm not so sure they'd work gluten-free though... damn!

    Thank you for saying hello over at my blog >> i LOVE that this "community" i speak of is made of many facets... & that homeschoolers are just a small part of it. It's mostly mama's and homemakers, educators & creative crafty peeps.

    Thanks for sending me back to ur blog. I look forward to lots more reading (and drooling ;) and chatter!

    Amber. X

  2. Ohh they look delicious and like fun to make too. Did you get your red and white striped bowl at kmart? I bought one just like it a few weeks ago, very cheerful to eat cereal out of in the morning :)

  3. The striped bowl is one of a set of four. From Farmers salt and pepper brand, a bit too small for breakfast but just right for a snack.


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