Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I realise that I have been absent from my blog for a wee while and really I'm only back to ask for help... although maybe bookface would be the better option... anyhow I"m trying to do my GST.  Arrgh!

I've been doing GST for a while on my freelance photography jobs but they haven't had tax taken out.  Now I'm working regularly (part time) some of my tax is taken out.
So the question is... do I use the NET (before tax including GST) amount to figure out my return????
Do any accountant types read this? 

Took this picture of my pigtail bunches last night for my bloggy friend Pippa.  We went to a movie together and, once again, forgot to get a photo for her blog.  She blogs almost everyday.  I'm a total slacker but that's what works for me :o)  Anyway I stole my photo back from her blog teehee.


  1. VERY cute buncher, and love that frame... sorry i have no knowledge of accounty tax-y stuff.
    So I'm no help to you there.
    Definitely try BookFace.

  2. I'm an accounts type person so I should be able to figure it out, but I'm not sure what you mean when you talk about the tax taken out. Are you paying PAYE now? you can email me at feedingemma@gmail.com if you want me to look at it :-)


so lovely to hear from you xx