Tuesday, June 26, 2012

holiday fun

I know it's almost the holidays again but last school holidays the boys and I did this amazing thing (with some lovely friends too). Aotea square was filled with thousands of empty boxes and we got to build and play for an hour or two.  We were the architects of box city and had to make the tallest possible towers and fun tunnels and hideouts.  Then we got to smash it all down.  It was seriously awesome.

Afterwards we pottered about in town.  We stumbled upon a free sausage sizzle, watched buskers, browsed the magazine shop (#1 loves Archie comics if anyone needs a birthday gift for him (in two weeks)) and ate a lovely piece of vegan carrot cake at the Raw Power cafe.  Vegan carrot cake oh my goodness!


  1. nanarobyn7:02 AM

    We are getting a cardboard cathedral, perhaps the boys could help design it. A big cardboard box has always been the best toy, especially the ones new fridges and appliances come in. Three more days then holidays, yay. Love you XOXOXOXO

  2. Man, that is COOL! How do you hear about all these rockin' things going on in the city Meg?? You always know the best stuff to do!

  3. hey that was sooo much fun!! ice skating this time?? Im going to have a holiday (my first ever away from the kids for more than 24 hours.....quite nervous but excited too.....) leave thursday next week till Sunday but other than that kicking it so free to hook up... :) xxx


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