Monday, June 18, 2012

winter at the beach

 I took the boys to Cheltenham beach for a bit of fresh air and to tire them out when DaddyB was away in Christchrch in the snow.  I made them pop their hoodies on as it wasn't quite short sleeve weather anymore.

 No snow here just golden sand...
 and silly giggling boys.


  1. Oh my beach! That makes me ever so homesick for it! I used to take the kids down most evenings when they needed the wind and sea air through their heads before bed!
    Thanks for the pics Meg, your boys appear to love it as much as my kids do!

  2. Cutest boys in the world.

  3. nanarobyn8:47 AM

    Look how No 1 has grown all of a sudden. I remember when that hoodie came way below his butt and sleeves were rolled. Love their infectious laughter, I can see it and feel it in your blog. Can't wait for more hugs and kisses, my bank is running on empty, 2 more weeks. Yay. Miss Maddy is excited too. Love you XOXOXOXO

  4. Yeah the jeans I bought them both for Christmas are getting so short!


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