Tuesday, July 10, 2012

boot camp

I started boot camp at the gym last week.  As I lay panting on the gymnasium floor this morning I felt like I'd come full circle.  It's the same gym that my wee boys did preschool gym circuits in, the one where we had the cool pirate party (bang on 4 years ago) and the one where I've accompanied them on various kindy trips and to friend's birthday parties.
I've been feeling like I need a bit of a shove in the fitness department and saw that they had a boot camp happening so I nervously signed up.  Apparently if I want to join the police I need to do that run in 11min and 30seconds.  Ha!  Luckily I'm not planning a career change.  I was pretty happy with the fact that I could actually run for that long without stopping.  Eating more veggies too which is always good.  I've never been much of a salad fan but am trying out having lots of stuff prepared in the fridge to make it easy.  I've been doing lots of sprouting too.

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  1. Grandpa6:10 PM

    Good on you Megan, you are looking healthy and well. We all need to be more disciplined with our exercise - it's easy to find an excuse - I must get back into my morning walks.
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx


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