Tuesday, August 21, 2012

black sand... uh oh

On Sunday afternoon we went for a family trip to Muriwai.  

It's a rugged black sand beach on the West coast.

#1 and I are doing the kids marathon (part of the Auckland Marathon in October) so we did our jog on the beach.  If you have a kid aged 7+ it's quite an achievable goal.  Basically you run/walk/jog a marathon over 8-12 weeks (3-5km per week), finishing with a 2k crossing the Auckland Marathon finish line.  Most importantly the kids get a medal (and Mum or Dad can run with them too).

There was one big mishap on the dunes though.  The boys were so far up that we couldn't really warn them about how to run down safely.  #2 came charging towards us and couldn't slow down or stop at the bottom, leading to a massive head first dive, over a reasonable drop, into the sand.  I was standing up to take the picture and you can see the drop off at the bottom of the shot.  
We were amazed that he wasn't injured.  Lucky he's so bendy and the sand was so soft.

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