Monday, August 27, 2012


Two weeks ago #2's teacher pulled me aside for a wee chat.  Turns out that the struggles we've been having at home (not listening, not doing what we asked and easily getting off track), were also going on in the class and it was becoming a problem.  At home we were regularly getting grumpy with his behaviour.  Then the PE teacher casually said something similar to me about him and I also saw the soccer coach taking him aside for a talking to.  Uh oh... where was this heading?  We were pretty concerned and set about sorting things out to help him out.  Obviously telling him to listen and asking him to focus wasn't doing a bit of good.  I am so happy to say that things are so much better now.  I am quite impressed how quickly we managed to get things turned around.  He even got the class certificate at assembly on Friday as his teacher was so pleased.

What we've been doing: 
  • putting the boys in separate bedrooms = at least an extra hour sleep a night
  • fish oils in his green smoothies
  • using Dianne Levy's "ask, tell, act" strategy
  • using Simone's reward sticker chart with both boys to earn computer time
  • we also made a bit of an afternoon schedule which involves an earlier dinner (530) and being in bed earlier too, both boys seem to thrive on routine but I've really neglected having one for a long time


  1. thats great news! Well done at turning things around quickly. My youngest is about to turn 8, i think its a wierd time of life for a kid? Its taken me 3 children to see a pattern evolving :)


  2. Meg we are having a very similar struggle with our almost six year old. It has been so difficult lately I have felt quite powerless as to what to do about it. One of our main problems is the very limited diet he eats (self imposed) and just how exhausted this makes him. I am going to try some green smoothies and open the Diane levy book that has been languishing on my bedside table. Glad to hear you have had success in turning things around!

  3. Oh how familiar school is becoming to me, with all those visits to the Principal lately... Josh is getting an EdPsych assessment on Thursday - suspected dyslexia may be at the root of all our issues. I'll let you know how that one turns out. (PS I am so glad the sticker charts are working!)

  4. Well done Reuben and well done Mum and Dad too!

  5. Glad things are going better. I know my little miss almost 8 is having lots of issues at the moment due to lack of regular bedtime.... Must get her back into routine but just so very hard

  6. Anonymous7:16 PM

    That's great news! Well done little man! Routine really does keep everyone happy! I am dreading the school years and squeezing in homework into our nights.... Big Hugs, Aunty Sam xx


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