Thursday, August 2, 2012

testing testing

Who'd have thought that a little high frequency hearing loss would require so many tests?

It's probably a genetic thing, as big brother and I both have some hearing loss too. 

It's not bad enough to require amplification (hearing aids) but the ENT specialist at Starship is concerned enough that he ordered blood tests and yesterday a CT scan.  Our lovely boy is also on the list to see cardiology to get an EKG (I think), and he'll have to have his hearing checked every six months to make sure it doesn't get worse.  With him seeing opthalmology and immunology every year or two, I don't think he's going to get off the Starship books for quite some time.  Having said that, every time we go there I am so grateful that he's healthy, happy, clever, and strong.  There are so many children there who are in a really bad situation with no hope of improvement, it's heartbreaking.


  1. Wow, love your spirit Meg.
    R is a super special kid.
    No wonder with an amazing mum like you.

  2. That is why I do what I do. Seeing the smiling faces of the children in the hospital when they receive a pillow makes my day! Wishing you all the best.



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