Monday, August 6, 2012


Sore back, kid with flu, PMS waaaawawawa.  (Photo from July).
Actually I find grizzling so boring.  I'd much rather think of some stuff to be grateful for.

So here goes...
  • I'm stoked that Alexis Pritchard (my physio) was the first ever New Zealand woman to win an Olympic boxing bout (this morning).  She's up against the world #2 next so cross your fingers!
  • I got my new blender today so I can make super nutritious raw fruit and vege smoothies.
  • Our kind neighbour hung out on the couch so I could pop to school to pick up #2 without #1 having to get out of his sick bed.
I read somewhere recently about someone who always thinks of things that they don't really like doing as "I get to..." rather than I have to.  I think it may have been in relation to people who couldn't have children or had lost a child :o(.  Like I get to change the wet bedding, I get to stay up all night with the sick kid, I get to pick up after my kids, I get to listen to them arguing... because really the alternative isn't even worth imagining.  Right now I get to rustle up some dinner and feed the wee lovelies. See I feel better already.


  1. awesome post Meg!
    :( about the sore back and illness.
    :) about the physio, blender and neighbour!
    Now I get to cook dinner and clean up before hubby gets home... yeah....

  2. That is a great way to look at things, I'm going to try it out, I need to.
    Exciting about the blender and I hope all the waaa's disappear soon.

  3. What a great way to think!

    Today I got to look after my sick daughter and have a day off work!

    Hope your all feeling better, darn that pms!

    (I swear by magnesium, I am a far less crazy PMS stresser grumpy crazy lady now that I take it!)

  4. Yay for you, awesome girl. What a cracker attitude.
    I will look out for your physio on the Box. Go NZ!

  5. Saw your physio on "The Crowd Goes Wild" last night. I was impressed. What a cool, optimistic, gracious sportsmin* type. Mahe Drysdale could take a lesson or two from her.

    Yippee - now I get to write two more reports and pick up my kids.

    *sportsman just seemed condescending considering it was boxing.

  6. I got to stay in my pj's all day in front of the fire
    I like that
    And I do like your photo - such a sad face


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