Friday, September 28, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

best quiet time ever

On weekends after lunch we usually have quiet time.  Usually the boys in their rooms and B and I play a board game and drink coffee.  This week we were at the city library and decided that a bit of reading time would be quite nice.  I was reading an Annie Leibovitz photography book. Bliss.  I love, love, love, that our boys love to read as much as we do.  It makes the early mornings a lot quieter too, especially when big brother wakes before six every day.

 The whole of Saturday was quite lovely really.  After a bit of (boring but necessary) house cleaning. We headed into the city to see the final Pick n Mix for the year.  It was the World Hip Hop champions ReQuest and Royal Family, who were amazing dancers.  Apparently they recently performed on American Idol with Jennifer Lopez and now they're back home in Auckland doing their thing.

Not sure if I've even raved about Pick and Mix here on my blog.  They've been running free family performing arts events at the Edge/Aotea Centre all winter on Saturday mornings.  They do a 45min performance followed by a 45min workshop.  You can even bring your own lunch in if you like, or go and buy something yummy from nearby.  We've been loving burritos as they're pretty safe for #2 when you order them without the dairy.  The people even change their gloves to be extra safe for him.

 We ate our burritos (one dairy free and one not (to share)) and churros outside the library in the sunshine.  We had a two for one voucher for the burritos from the entertainment book yay!

He couldn't have the caramel dipping sauce but still enjoyed his churros (a Spanish doughnut)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

new/old table

We finally got rid of the old mouldy stained plastic table from the deck and bought this lovely one for $45 on trademe.  B sanded it down and oiled it up and now it's so nice.  Ate our first spring dinner on it last Sunday while watching the lightning storm approach and listening to the thunder booming overhead.  It was pretty exciting.  We had to move inside for the apple crumble when the rain came down hard.

Monday, September 17, 2012


bloggy mojo is missing at the moment but here's a few random piix

 scrabble notes on doors from #1


 #2's reading space

marathon training going well

sticker chart going well too

 nom nom salad last night

 our herb garden on the deck

baking with butter!

cute but a ghastly recipe with too much molasses, had to chuck them out

 cupcakes for the SPCA

eating buttery basic orange biscuits (Edmond's) with no reactions  


Monday, September 10, 2012


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found on pintrest today

just for now this blog is being subtracted