Monday, September 17, 2012


bloggy mojo is missing at the moment but here's a few random piix

 scrabble notes on doors from #1


 #2's reading space

marathon training going well

sticker chart going well too

 nom nom salad last night

 our herb garden on the deck

baking with butter!

cute but a ghastly recipe with too much molasses, had to chuck them out

 cupcakes for the SPCA

eating buttery basic orange biscuits (Edmond's) with no reactions  



  1. YAY for no reactions
    And check out that cute reading space
    I hear you re blogging mojo - mine is only just returning

  2. Grandpa8:41 PM

    Well done with your caution, care and love -great that # 2 can eat your buttery biscuits.
    Much love grandpa xxooxx

  3. That is awesome about the butter, I can imagine that opens up a whole new range of possibilities, nice to see some new posts from you but I am with you on losing the blog mojo and finding time.


so lovely to hear from you xx