Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy to be eating lollies while sitting on the bench and watching a talent show.

I am loving these holidays.  We had visitors for the weekend.  Grandpa stayed till Monday morning (bloody Jetstar) and NanaRobyn is staying on for the week.  We went out to the driving range, to the beach, to a cafe for brunch and the Wynyard Quarter too.  Yesterday the boys had a pyjama day, we played board games, Just Dance 3 on the Wii (for a bit of exercise) and I did the groceries while Nana babysat.  Today we had the neighbours over for a wee goodbye party as they leave on Thursday.  It's been so nice having lovely neighbours with littlies.  We will miss them.

This afternoon the boys started making Egyptian Mummies.  We used a library book but I have found the instructions here too if you want to try it out.  Mostly it's just been nice to be at home, mooching about. playing a bit on the tablet and Nana's iPad and not going to work or boot camp.  I was feeling so shattered from the early mornings and hard out exercising... slowly recovering.


  1. I hear you!
    YES to be at home
    YES to be moving at a slower pace
    YES to be spending time with our babes
    And whoops to the F word

  2. Lovely!
    we've had a crazy busy school holidays. I want it to slow down but only two days left for us.


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