Saturday, December 22, 2012

We hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

toy story pizza party

We had a wee birthday party on Sunday to celebrate our almost 7 year old!  My how the years have flown by.  We found some free Toy Story invites on the web, borrowed lots of toys (to add to my huge collection) and popped some kettle corn (add 1/2 cup of popcorn and 1/4 cup icing sugar to 1/4 cup hot oil, pop and sprinkle with salt at the end

Simone loaned us her Pizza Planet sign and I printed a couple of cute drawings from the web.
 (free prinables here)

Big brother hid lots of army men in the strawberries.

The cake was a smash cake (by special request).  A chocolate dome covering sweets.  Messy but so much fun!  We had it before the pizzas to avoid getting cheesy hands all over the lollies.  The birthday boy is seriously allergic (anaphylaxis) to dairy and so having a pizza party did pose a couple of wee challenges.

If you're making a smash cake I would advise to put in on a cake board or chopping board.  I forgot and so the smashing part had to be quite controlled so the plate didn't get broken.

Two years ago this was the smash cake at his 5th birthday party...

Space birthday party blogged here.  Hasn't he grown up in two years?

 Back to 2013 we had all of the boys make their own pizzas for lunch.  We used baking paper with their names on for easy identification and kept the cheese ones away from the cheezly ones.
 We just made sure everyone washed their hands with soap and water afterwards and all was good.
The cute alien cupcakes had to be taken home as the cake, pizza and popcorn was all a bit much!
Their eyes are mentos sweets and their ears are spearmint leaves.

Monday, December 17, 2012


 loving strawberries
 soaking and cooking black beans
 and kidney beans
making pancakes
and sourdough bread

finally painted the remaining living room windowsill, one year after the others

little brother made a fairy garden

big brother is addicted and annoyed that we won't let him read books 5-7 till he's a little older

Sunday, December 16, 2012

wee update

I had good blogging intentions to post about today's birthday party.  But it's ten o'clock already and things have been pretty crazy around here so I'm just going to share a couple of recent cell photos instead.

Today we went to a preview screening of Monsters Inc. 3D.  It's still a great movie (12 years old now) but not hugely improved by the 3D element (although we did get cool specs).  Despite having seen it numerous times on DVD it still moves #1 to tears when Sully (big blue monster) has to say goodbye to Boo (the wee girl).  Those folks at Pixar sure know how to tell a good story.  Many of their films have made me cry too (the start of Up when they can't have a baby and then the wife dies, the sad Jesse song in Toy Story 2 (see video below).  My work party was last night and I had to wear antlers and a nose (secret santa pressies) with my gorgeous new Christmas dress.

Friday, December 7, 2012

growing up

Yesterday we went on our yearly trip to see Santa and although it was lovely, it felt a little like something was missing.  That wonder and excitement of walking through the lights and looking at the elves working wasn't how I remembered it from previous years.  When we talked about it later #1 said "we don't have to go every year" and I think he's right.  It's a sad part of growing up.

The nice thing is that there is still magic and wonder but it comes in different forms these days.  Amazing books (Narnia, Harry Potter and Alice and Wonderland recently) and movies that we can experience together and all of us enjoy.  Games that we couldn't dream of playing with them when they were little.  Life is good.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

dress ups

Willy Wonka with a green tongue from his smoothie.

Off to school in costume today for the character parade on the last day of the literacy festival.  I was talking to another mum at school yesterday who said her son doesn't like dressing up. I'm so glad that my two do.

I whipped up a robe using this tutorial (very easy), we borrowed a scarf and embellished a $2 shop tie.  The random bit of black fabric I had wasn't quite long enough (it was supposed to go to his ankles) but a thigh length robe is just fine.  A collared shirt would have been good too but it was a bit last minute.  The glasses are 3D ones from the movies with the lenses popped out.

Both boys are pretty exhausted after all the fun stuff that's been going on at school.  Everyone is a little cranky and on edge.  Bring on the holidays!

Last time they had it #1 went as Geronimo Stilton.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

four thousand a month!

I made a grand total of four posts last month and got 4057 page views in that same month.  That's just freaky.  Who is reading this stuff?  Four thousand.

Last month I also ran in the Sculpt 6k thingy and managed the whole six kilometres!

Since I finished up at work I've been busy playing domestic goddess again (cooking beans from scratch, making regular bread and I even ironed!!!). It's nice.  Not long till Christmas.  We have been doing a bit of socialising (partying in a previous life) and the boys have a lot on at school.  I took them (in my slightly sifty state while DaddyB slept in) to the museum's reopening of the Weird and Wonderful Gallery yesterday morning.  It was at 830am for breakfast, face painting and fun times.  I do wish I'd taken a proper camera.  I planned to snap a phone pic of the boys outside afterwards (better light for the cell phone) but #1, dressed as a pirate, stepped on a bee and got his first ever bee sting.  They looked so cute too.  #2 was a dragon.  The two of them won a backpack of goodies in the costume competition including a pair of real binoculars.

Saturday, December 1, 2012