Thursday, December 6, 2012

dress ups

Willy Wonka with a green tongue from his smoothie.

Off to school in costume today for the character parade on the last day of the literacy festival.  I was talking to another mum at school yesterday who said her son doesn't like dressing up. I'm so glad that my two do.

I whipped up a robe using this tutorial (very easy), we borrowed a scarf and embellished a $2 shop tie.  The random bit of black fabric I had wasn't quite long enough (it was supposed to go to his ankles) but a thigh length robe is just fine.  A collared shirt would have been good too but it was a bit last minute.  The glasses are 3D ones from the movies with the lenses popped out.

Both boys are pretty exhausted after all the fun stuff that's been going on at school.  Everyone is a little cranky and on edge.  Bring on the holidays!

Last time they had it #1 went as Geronimo Stilton.


  1. Fantastic! They both look AMAZING! (Abby went as Thea Stilton) xx

  2. Grandpa12:45 PM

    Meg - these are magic photo's. Thanks as always for sharing with us. L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  3. nanarobyn5:06 PM

    Real cool. Looking forward to seeing you all at the weekend. Love you XOXOXOXO

  4. Just fabulous, love both those costumes so much., my boys love to dress up too, eldest just turned eight and no sign of the dress up love waning.

  5. Love these costumes your boys look fab


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