Sunday, December 2, 2012

four thousand a month!

I made a grand total of four posts last month and got 4057 page views in that same month.  That's just freaky.  Who is reading this stuff?  Four thousand.

Last month I also ran in the Sculpt 6k thingy and managed the whole six kilometres!

Since I finished up at work I've been busy playing domestic goddess again (cooking beans from scratch, making regular bread and I even ironed!!!). It's nice.  Not long till Christmas.  We have been doing a bit of socialising (partying in a previous life) and the boys have a lot on at school.  I took them (in my slightly sifty state while DaddyB slept in) to the museum's reopening of the Weird and Wonderful Gallery yesterday morning.  It was at 830am for breakfast, face painting and fun times.  I do wish I'd taken a proper camera.  I planned to snap a phone pic of the boys outside afterwards (better light for the cell phone) but #1, dressed as a pirate, stepped on a bee and got his first ever bee sting.  They looked so cute too.  #2 was a dragon.  The two of them won a backpack of goodies in the costume competition including a pair of real binoculars.

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  1. Grandpa10:11 AM

    The binoculars will be handy for checkinmg out the Bay for seeing who's catching fish.
    Not long to go now !!
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx


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