Tuesday, December 18, 2012

toy story pizza party

We had a wee birthday party on Sunday to celebrate our almost 7 year old!  My how the years have flown by.  We found some free Toy Story invites on the web, borrowed lots of toys (to add to my huge collection) and popped some kettle corn (add 1/2 cup of popcorn and 1/4 cup icing sugar to 1/4 cup hot oil, pop and sprinkle with salt at the end

Simone loaned us her Pizza Planet sign and I printed a couple of cute drawings from the web.
 (free prinables here)

Big brother hid lots of army men in the strawberries.

The cake was a smash cake (by special request).  A chocolate dome covering sweets.  Messy but so much fun!  We had it before the pizzas to avoid getting cheesy hands all over the lollies.  The birthday boy is seriously allergic (anaphylaxis) to dairy and so having a pizza party did pose a couple of wee challenges.

If you're making a smash cake I would advise to put in on a cake board or chopping board.  I forgot and so the smashing part had to be quite controlled so the plate didn't get broken.

Two years ago this was the smash cake at his 5th birthday party...

Space birthday party blogged here.  Hasn't he grown up in two years?

 Back to 2013 we had all of the boys make their own pizzas for lunch.  We used baking paper with their names on for easy identification and kept the cheese ones away from the cheezly ones.
 We just made sure everyone washed their hands with soap and water afterwards and all was good.
The cute alien cupcakes had to be taken home as the cake, pizza and popcorn was all a bit much!
Their eyes are mentos sweets and their ears are spearmint leaves.


  1. Nana and Poppa12:37 PM

    Loved the party pictures and the smash cake :o)) Doesn't two years and a shorter hair cat make a huge difference. N&P xx

  2. What a cool party! Boy, he had grown up lots - and I just love the smash cakes!

  3. Staggeringly cool party cooking! You are so clever.

  4. What a cool party! and I LOVE the smash cake! ;) The alien cupcakes are awesome!! :)

  5. nanarobyn8:06 AM

    What a fun party. How can we top that on holiday? Perhaps we,ll have a beach theme. On countdown now and so excited (not about packing the car and deciding what to take tho') See you all on the Coromandel. Love you all XOXOXOXO

  6. gorgeousness!!! xx


so lovely to hear from you xx