Thursday, January 17, 2013

more gaps and food

So in the last 24 hours #2 has lost two more teeth!  The boys call them their bunny teeth (not sure where that originated) and he is stoked to have lost them.  The boys have been hut building today with sheets and cushions and couches.  All the dust mites have been stirred up and I'm pretty sure #2 must be allergic because he's been needing his spacer and had a runny nose and eyes.  He's happy though and that's what's important really.  And in case you're tired of gaps here are some more yummy things I've made from the Real Food Chef cook book.

 chocolate seed balls

apple salad with sweet and sour dressing


  1. nanarobyn7:51 AM

    That should make whistling interesting. Looks real cute. I guess inflation has hit the tooth fairy rate by now! Love you XOXOXOXO

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Amelia used to get bad with her asthma after our Sunday nights together with all the running and dust from the carpets etc.

  3. Aunty Anna4:00 PM

    I hope you show him a photo of me at almost the same age... also missing my two front teeth. I would never have been brave enough to let our dad pull them out. Big kisses x

  4. Maddy2:34 PM

    Dear Cousins. I hope you are having good fun in Auckland and playing with your lego. I hope you will grow new big teeth. I love you. Madeleine xoxoxoxo


so lovely to hear from you xx