Thursday, February 14, 2013

chocolate fudge sundaes

My sweet gappy 7 year old and I had a lovely afternoon together while big brother was away on school camp.  We strolled home chatting, ate a colourful afternoon tea and played some games together. The fraction one is actually a really dull game but I guess good for learning maths.  Apparently I suck at hungry hippos.  We kept busy so we didn't miss #1 too much.

Green drink recipe (you don't taste the greens):
1 cup almond milk
1 frozen banana
1T peanut or almond butter
2 bunches spinach or other greens

Biscuits are basic biscuits from Edmonds cookbook with sultanas, cinnamon and nutmeg.

For dessert we made chocolate fudge sundaes and they were AMAZING!  I really think that they tasted as good (if not better than) as ones made with cream and cow's milk.  We made vanilla coconut cream ice cream in the ice cream machine and then I googled chocolate sauce and we whipped one of those up in the miini blender.  So it's actually a raw dessert and would be vegan if you used Agave nectar instead of honey.  It's the first time that we ever made chocolate sauce and it was very thick, shiny and fudgy.

Vanilla coconut ice cream (serves about four): 
1 can full fat coconut cream
1/4 cup honey
1T vanilla extract

Whisk ingredients together till honey is mixed in and then make into ice cream following the directions of your ice cream maker. Using an alcohol based vanilla extract helps the ice cream to not get too hard.  I love that we can make our own dairy free ice cream from just three ingredients (or less if you use frozen bananas).

The vanilla soy stuff you get in the supermarket has all of this:
Filtered Water, Sugar, Sunflower OilSoy ProteinMaltodextrin,Tricalcium PhosphatePotassium CitrateMagnesium Phosphate,Dipotassium Phosphate, Salt, Dextrose, Mono- and Di-Glycerides, Guar Gum, Sodium Carboxymethyl-cellulose, Locust Bean Gum,CarrageenanArtificial Flavour, Vanilla Bean Flakes, Natural Colour. 

Tiptop boysenberry has heaps of ingredients including two colours banned in Europe and one in the US:

 Milk, Liquid sugar, Water, Glucose syrup (from maize), Milk solids non fat, Fat emulsifiers (477, 471), Vegetable gums (412,410,407,401), Flavour,  Boysenberry ripple (20 per cent): Sugar, Water, Boysenberries (26 per cent), Vegetable gum (410) , Food acid (citric acid) , Flavour, Colours (122,133) 

Anyway I wasn't intending to go on about ingredients. 

Raw Chocolate Sauce
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup cacao or cocoa powder
2T coconut oil melted 
1tsp vanilla extract
pinch salt

Whizz it all up in the blender it's done.  I have a cute mini blender which I use for things like this.  I bought it for $10 on trademe as I read a few reviews saying that it was pretty flimsy so I didn't want to buy it new.  It's great for guacamole and dressings and bliss balls too.  Our big food processor is on it's last legs and I'm planning to get a grunty new one soon.  Any suggestions? Do you have a good one?  I've heard that cuisinart and magimix are the best (and of course most expensive).


  1. Grandpa8:33 AM

    looks vert tasty - are those cute freckles on #2's nose L&C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. I must get an ice cream maker - I have been looking up recipes for coconut ice cream. I think you can make it without a maker, but it's a bit more labour intensive. However I end up paying about $18 for not quite a litre of Kohu road coconut and rum...... so I really should just make it!! I'm on the look out for a new processer - new secondhand if I can!

  3. That sundae looks yummy - I must have a go at making ice-cream without a maker before the summer is over.

  4. Aunty Anna4:31 PM

    that is one happy chocolate covered face!!

  5. Anonymous9:28 PM

    I bought my Magimix nearly thirteen years ago and it's still going strong. I love it! But the price is eyewatering. I just think, "Cost per use! Cost per use!"
    Curious about the coconut cream ice cream - is it yummy for the dairy-eaters too? Have been considering making it for way too long! Any tips on ice-cream machines - worth having? vs whisking by hand (I think I just answered my own question...)
    Cara (still can't work out how to comment here as anything other than "anonymous"!)

  6. Hi Cara, yeah the coconut cream icecream is awesome. Even my dairy loving husband thinks it rocks. There are quite a lot of cheap ice cream machines out there. I tried doing it by hand once but the (soy) recipe wasn't that great and since then I've had the bowl. It's nice to be able to make something delicious that is allergy friendly. I think you can comment by selecting name/url and just typing your name (you don't need a url). x

  7. Anonymous10:19 AM

    If you like cooking from search you should get a thermomix. You can mill your own flour, make butter and ice cream.


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