Monday, February 25, 2013


I just got back from a wonderful weekend in Christchurch meeting my new one week old nephew Samuel.  He is exquisite.  Mum and Dad took me through the city yesterday and two years on it still looks like a disaster zone.  Slowly bits are being reconstructed and rebuilt but there are empty overgrown sections and road works everywhere.  I think the people of Christchurch are amazing, my family especially (of course). I have photos of the city and of the baby to share but right now I need to help my sweeties with their homework. x


  1. Yes the people of Christchurch are absolutely amazing. I told everyone I met. They have been through so much and continue to face challenges- the latest being the school closures...

  2. nanarobyn9:40 AM

    Thanks for posting this. It's amazing how many people think Christchurch is "sorted" because it's not on the news every day. Far from it. This is going to take up to 20 years to fix and become right. Lovely things are happening and old entities like restaurants and specialty shops are popping up in different places. But... many people are hurting and waiting decisions. Please don't stop visiting Christchurch because of the earthquakes, come visit and feel the spirit.
    Love and hugs XOXOXOXO


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