Wednesday, February 6, 2013

holiday bliss

Gorgeous Opito Bay where Nana and Grandpa had rented a bach for us all to stay in.

Off to the beach with the cuzzies.

 This is the lagoon that the kids spent most of their holiday splashing about in.

Christmas lunch.

New Years Eve.
Yep bet you know what song they're dancing to.

 Hot water beach where we dug holes and soaked in the warm water that bubbled up.

Grandpa cooking sausages outside.


  1. Lovely - Cant believe all the people at Hot water Beach - Crazy

  2. Grandpa1:09 PM

    Thanks for the lovely photos, we did have a great and memorable family holiday. Here's to planning the next one in the sunny south. L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  3. Poppa7:19 AM

    Looks like a great holiday despite the problems. It will leave great memories as we soon forget the not so good bits. The boys will especially remember the swimming and running around.


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