Tuesday, February 5, 2013

something else that sucked...

...our car breaking down on the first day of our holiday!  Only an hour or two out of Auckland.
We had to wait a while for the tow truck.
It towed us to a wee town we we ate lunch and waited for it to be fixed.  Sadly it broke down again almost immediately afterwards and we had to call a second towie (who took about an hour to arrive). 

 Apparently it's a pretty popular spot to break down.

This time we got to ride in our car on the back of the truck.  Very exciting.

The second mechanics were sure we'd blown the head gasket ($3,000 - $4,000 to repair) and we ended up getting the car towed back to Auckland while Grandpa and Uncle Matt came and rescued us in their cars.  So the holiday wasn't ruined, we made it to the bach at Opito Bay and spent a lovely ten days there.  Will post some holiday snaps soon.  I just wanted to get the yucky bits out of the way first.  It actually turned out to be the radiator which was a relief as it was under warranty.  The third bad thing on our holiday was returning to discover that our fridge/freezer had switched off while we were away.  Ewwwww.


  1. Oh crazy - poor you guys. We've had a blown head gasket before... not fun at all, especially when you are on the way to your holiday!!

  2. I hate it when anything going wrong with cars. And ewwwww to your fridge/freezer - hopefully not too much in it.

    We drove out to Opito Bay in the holidays, it sure is a gorgeous spot.


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