Thursday, February 21, 2013

things I'm loving

that the boys wanted me to take them to the Teddy Bears' Picnic where they danced and played with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell in the fairy garden

playing with brain box electronics at a friend's place

 sunflower seed pate

 home made almond milk (so much less crap in it)


 fruit and lsa for breakfast

these curtains are so much better now that they're lined

 the new lamp shade in our room

and this cute German kids board game with wooden ghosts, $4 at the op shop


  1. What a COOL-as list!
    Those curtains look amazing...

    (and you should totally do a tutorial on making almond milk...)

  2. Love your list - the curtains are amazing and I had no idea that you could make your own almond milk!! Agree with Simoney!!


so lovely to hear from you xx